In my material-based practice, I explore and elevate the potential of both common and unusual materials and infuse them with meaning and content. With an industrial design background, it is my goal to create works which juxtapose and balance the designed and the organic, creating new processes which bring together design rules and materials but allow enough play in the process to allow a randomized, organic result. Many hours are spent simply trying to understand and collaborate with my materials to coax their potential out.

I am interested in the phenomenon of awe in response to our natural world and seek to recreate elements of nature to surprise the viewer with feelings of calm, wonder and peace. My work is a personal meditation on how much nature vs. nurture influences our lives and about how much of our lives is really under our control. The processes I create are metaphors for my lived personal stories and the actual processes that create our physical and emotional environments.

My intention is for the work to appeal to people first based purely on visual perception and aesthetics and then, because of its construction, the viewers’ curiosity progresses to question the creative process. A piece is successful to me when someone excitedly asks, “How did you make that?”